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Wimshurst Machine

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12733

This generator uses induction effect to produce static, when two electrophorus spin, the charged system,

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Plasma Ball Light

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12734

This Plasma Ball Light may be filled with plasma filaments that will dance inside of the sphere, but it is also filled with scientific knowledge and exciting intrigue for you and your children.

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Linear Air Track

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12735

Linear Air Track is a teaching experimental instrument of physical mechanics, used with digital timer and small air source.

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Electrostatic Friction Rod kit

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12736

This Electrostatic Friction Rod kit provides the necessary tools to free both positive and negative charges for exploration into electrostatic forces.

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Sliding Rheostat

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12737

Scentific Laboratory 50 Ohms 1.5 Amps Sliding Rheostat Variable Resistor for Physical Electrical Experiment Equipment.

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Resistance Box

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12738

Use for precision resistance experiment: 0.1R to 99.9999kR Zero value of the resistance: 30 ± 5mΩ

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Spectrum Tube Set

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12739

This Spectrum Tube Set includes six straight spectrum tubes with filled hydrogen, helium, mercury, neon and argon.

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Low Voltage AC DC Power Supply

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12740

Description : Its a high quality power supply , very nice use for school laboratory.

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Physics Experiment Lamp Holder

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12741

Material : Plastic, Brass Color : Black Terminal : Red, Black

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Single Pole Knife Switch

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12742

This Single Pole Knife Switch is a set of 5 PCS switches. They are single-pole single-throw style terminals, convenient to control on or off.

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2xAA Battery Holder with Cover

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12743

This 2xAA Battery Holder with Cover with wires is excellent for use in any hobby or science project. Comes with wire leads for easy hook-up, and has a on-off switch function, making it perfect for use in hobby projects.

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D type Battery Holder

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12744

Build A Better Battery Pack Our each is (4) of the blue plastic "D" Cell modular battery holders, approx 3-3/8" x 1-7/16" x 1-1/8" deep without tabs.

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Lenz Law Apparatus

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12745

Lenz Law Apparatus consists of two metal rings conected by an aluminum beam that can rotate freely on a support. One of the rings is a closed loop; the other has an opening for comparison.

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Gold Foil Electroscope

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12747

Gold Foil Electroscope has several features which set it apart from lesser versions, making it an excellent addition to classrooms in which it will be used frequently.

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Analog Multimeter

Product Code : EDS-ELE-12748

Analog multimeter, use it to measure AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, capacitance, diode check and

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