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EduScope Physics Lab became the core of faculty science training curriculum. EduScope during a rapidly changing scientific environment its become quite challenging and tedious task to stay pace with the newest scientific developments in updating the entire list of physics laboratory experiments and equipment. EduScope for evolution and development of physics we have created an exemplary range of practical physics learning equipment. Physics is a natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. But we have taken this challenge by designing specifically planned sequence of instructions for the physics laboratory equipment, to look at the students understandings in terms of the educators or schools instructional goals. EduScope More broadly, it is the study of nature in an attempt to understand how the universe behaves. Physics Lab Manufacturers, Physics Lab Exporters, Physics Lab Suppliers, Science Physics Lab, Educational Physics Lab, Physics Laboratory Equipment, High School Physics Lab.
List of Physics Lab Equipment that used in School and Colleges
Bending of Beam App.,Bar pendulum ,Bi-Prism Assembly,Bar Magnets,Battery with Clips ,Battery Charger ,Battery Hydrometer,Battery Eliminator,Ballistic Galvanometer,Beaker with spout,Bimetallic Strips,Ball & Ring App.,Bar Gauge App.,Bar Breaking App.,Bio Gas Plants Model ,Measuring equipments: Vernier calliper, micrometer screw gauge, measuring tape,Magnetic equipments: Bar magnets, iron fillings for magnetism ,Optics: Lenses and Prism,Various magnifiers including magnifier tripod ,Laboratory spherometer,Helical spring,Large pulley demonstration set,Spherometer demonstration model,Electrical Equipments: Rheostats slide wires

Hall Effect Apparatus

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13140

The Hall Effect is the generation of a side-to-side voltage in a conductor or semiconductor carrying a current when it is placed in a magnetic field.

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Franck-Hertz Apparatus II

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13141

The Franck-Hertz Apparatus II is an improved model of the well-known Franck-Hertz Apparatus, featuring updated electronics with better stabilization and digital readouts for voltage and current.

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Thermoelectric Demonstrator

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13142

Demonstrate the Second Law of Thermodynamics with this apparatus.

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Foucaults Pendulum Apparatus

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13143

This Foucaults Pendulum Apparatus is a carefully constructed miniature version of Foucaults device.

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Cavendish Gravitational Balance

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13144

This innovative apparatus, developed from the traditional Cavendish pattern, is substantially less expensive than earlier

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Force Between Conductors Demonstrator

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13145

A basic property of electromagnetism is the mechanical force which exists between two neighboring, current-carrying conductors.

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Apparatus

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13146

The NMR Apparatus is a set of equipment for introducing students to the basic phenomena of nuclear magnetic

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Zeeman Effect Apparatus

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13147

The Zeeman Effect Apparatus examines the effect of a strong magnetic field on the green emission line of mercury at 545. 1nm wavelength.

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Thermoelectric Effects Apparatus

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13148

The Thermoelectric Effects Apparatus consists of an oven containing a cooling fan, a massive metal block and electric heater supported on two thin struts, the three samples, and the control system sensor.

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Plancks Constant Apparatus

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13149

The Plancks Constant Apparatus is a compact unit containing an enclosed vacuum photocell with an attachment for

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Photoelectric Effect Apparatus

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13150

The Photoelectric Effect Apparatus allows the photoelectric emission from a mixed metal cathode in vacuum to be studied.

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Laser Optics Demonstrator

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13151

The Laser Optics Demonstrator consists of a base unit with a built-in He-Ne laser, deflection system and ray optics board,

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Solderless Breadboard, Two Columns

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13152

The 1660-point solderless breadboard is built with high-quality construction that can withstand repeated use.

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Solderless Breadboard, One Column

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13153

The 630-point solderless breadboard is built with high-quality construction that can withstand repeated use.

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Van de Graaff Generator, Small Electric

Product Code : EDS-PLE-13154

This excellent quality electrostatic generator consists of a charge generation system, an aluminum collector sphere and an electric motor drive on a sturdy base.

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