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Description : The many items that would be considered general lab equipment are pipettes, scales, centrifuges, Bunsen burners, freezers, hot plates, incubators, coolers, stirrers, water baths, and fume hoods - to name a few.

Laboratory Straw Micropipette

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12762

The laboratory straw micropipette allows subsequent pipetting of 0.1 to 1.0 ml of same liquid , this variable volume instrument provides greater cost and time

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Laboratory Pipette Pump

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12763

Laboratory Pipette Pump most economical durable small capacity for moving fluid for heIp liquid demand, economic low demand, and more durable, demand which is true .

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Hoffman Clamp

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12764

This Hoffman style Pinchcock is made of brass which provides resitance to rust and corrision.

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Wooden Test tube Clamp Holder

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12765

Material: Wood Weight: Approx. 222g / 7.8oz Clip Length: Approx. 9cm / 3.5in

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Plastic Burette Clamp

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12766

New and high quality Material : plastic Length : 245 mm / 9.6 inch

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Universal Retort Stand Clamp 4 Prongs

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12767

The chrome plated 4 prong retort clamp is ideal for clamping glassware of various sizes onto retort rods - the cork coating on the prongs provides protection from scratching vessels being held.

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Chemical Flask Clamp

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12768

Chemical Flask Clamp is made of high quality Zinc steel, better corrosion-proof effectiveness, more durable. Double regulator, convenient to adjust separation distance.

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Laboratory Cross Clamp

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12769

Material : The Laboratory Cross Clamp is made of zinc alloy, the surface is chrome-plated, and some claws have non-slip rubber.

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Lab Cast Iron Burner Stand Tripod

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12770

This Lab cast iron burner stand tripod is perfect for supporting small objects over a burner such as crucibles, evaporating dishes etc.

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Tripod Retort Base Support Stand

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12771

These tripod retort base support stands have a cast iron base and fit together for ease of storage.

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Laboratory Support Stand Set

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12772

Material : iron. Length : 24''/60cm. The stand base : 8" x 5"

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Laboratory Drying Rack

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12773

Laboratory Drying Rack is made from steel wire, enameled, spot welded.

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Laboratory Pipette Stand

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12774

Accomodates 5pipettes. PS : Pipettes shown on the pictures are for illustrative purposes and are not included.

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Wooden Test Tube Rack

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12775

Wooden Test Tube Rack is very understated, simple and the perfect addition to a classroom, lab, or kitchen.

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Portable Camping Gas Stove

Product Code : EDS-LGI-12776

One Hand Use : Handle design, suitable for most of your usage needs. Easy to use : The use of stainless steel heat shield helps to warm the winter and improve the burning effect.

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