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Description : Electromagnetism is a branch of Physics, that deals with the electromagnetic force that occurs between electrically charged particles. The electromagnetic force is one of the four fundamental forces and exhibits electromagnetic fields such as magnetic fields, electric fields, and light.

Horseshoe Magnet With Plastic Cover

Product Code : EDS-E-12751

Its very nice design, high quality, very strong magnetism popular used for educational, Laboratory Overall size : 200*180*30mm

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Horseshoe Magnet

Product Code : EDS-E-12752

Different size Horseshoe Alnico Magnet Painted With Keeper This horseshoe magnet is carefully painted with the North

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U Shape Magnet

Product Code : EDS-E-12753

U Shaped Magnet Red Blue Painted Pole Physics Experiment Teaching Different size - Lab & Scientific Supplies Science Education - 1 x U Shape Magnet

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Alnico Bar Magnets

Product Code : EDS-E-12754

Teach polarity and force with a set of 2 alnico magnets Explore real-life physics with these 3-inch magnets

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Electronic Induction Coil

Product Code : EDS-E-12755

An induction coil or “spark coil” (archaically known as an inductorium or Ruhmkorff coil after Heinrich Ruhmkorff) is a type of electrical transformer used to produce high-voltage pulses from a low-voltage direct current (DC) supply.

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AC and DC Hand Dynamo

Product Code : EDS-E-12756

Double your teaching and experimental possibilities - demonstrates AC and DC properties .

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Vacuum Bell Jar

Product Code : EDS-E-12757

To demonstrate the principle that sound does not travel in vacuum. Vacuum Bell Jar is a modified unit which does not require external power source for the bell.

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Precision Current Balance

Product Code : EDS-E-12758

The current balance with weights is an instrument to which Laplace’s law applies. According to this law, a current-carrying conductor perpendicular to a magnetic field receives force.

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Tesla Coil

Product Code : EDS-E-12759

Tesla experimented with a number of different configurations one fundamental principal Teslar find is :Wireless power transmission .

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3D Magnetic Field Demostrator

Product Code : EDS-E-12760

This 3D magnetic field demostrator is mainly used to teach the physical magnetic field in the middle schhool.

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Cube Magnetic Field

Product Code : EDS-E-12761

Magnetic Field Study – View the presence of magnetic fields by simply dropping this kits magnet down the center hole in the cube and watch the iron filings react.

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Magnetic Field Indicator

Product Code : EDS-E-12805

Great visibility makes understanding the lines of magnetic force much easier for your students! Iron filings float in a

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